D.O. Bond

D.O. Bond Company Limited was established in the year 2006 by Mr. Wichai Wijitprarop. We are one of the VHC Group of companies (VHC GROUP). D.O. Bond Company Limited conducts the business of being a distributor. State-of-the-art decorative and construction materials It is distributed both within Thailand. and also exports to neighboring countries such as Laos, Burma, Vietnam and Cambodia. At present, D.O. Bond Company Limited is the leader in the aluminum composite market (aluminum composite It is one of the leading distributors of construction materials. We stock the most products. For example, we have aluminum composite products (Aluminum Composite Circulating more than 50,000 square meters and having more than 60 colors to choose from. We also have a stock of every type of product ready and sufficient to meet all customer needs. We also have imports. New innovative decorative and construction materials. To give Thai people the opportunity to use world-class products. and develop the construction industry in Thailand We are very pleased to be ready to provide advice on every project. Including architects, engineers or on-site installers. To make your construction and work come out the best from professional experts who will give you undisclosed advice. Because our business operations are based on social responsibility so that we and everyone can move forward together.



MOVING WITH SUSTAINABILITY, ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIAL CONCERNS WITH INNOVATIVE DECORATION MATERIALS. Move forward with sustainability with innovative decorative materials that are environmentally and socially conscious.

Corporate Value



Confidence and the courage to make decisions.

Believe in and dare to make decisions based on knowledge, facts, and reasons, while considering the interests and influence of stakeholders, in order to achieve work goals. And keep up with the situation.


Corporate ownership awareness

Love the organization, have organizational awareness, and take pride in becoming a member of the organization.

Best Practices & Learning to professional

Best practices to be a professional

Best practices, constantly creating learning, learning, and self-development to promote development, and establishing a strong knowledge base to keep up with changes. And develop the organization.

Conserve environment and social concerns

Environmental protection and social care

By protecting the environment and strengthening society, we aim to become a high-quality society for common growth, valuing and thanking nature. Sustainable communities

Leader of Change

Leading Change

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