Sales services

We recognize the customer’s expectations for modern building materials, which are easy to use and save time and manpower. By providing solutions and innovation through our professional team, we meet all the needs of our customers.
We consider our customers as family members, so our employees are trained in ethics and professional ethics. We are always ready to provide advice on various aspects of building materials. This is a guarantee of quality and reliability. We will provide the best service to important customers.


We are one of the largest distributors of building materials in terms of inventory. For example, we offer aluminum composite materials. MAONE/fr has a circulation of over 50000 square meters and offers over 60 colors to choose from. We also provide inventory for each SKU. Enough to meet the needs of all customers.
In addition, we also control inventory through the FIFO system and manage warehouses that comply with ISO standards, accountable to the community. We are also a member of the 2013 USGBC.

Delivery service

We provide free delivery service * provided by a professional team, with a fast delivery system and a standard star system- GPS enables accurate, convenient, and fast delivery of products to customers.
*Terms and Conditions Applicable

Technical service

We have a professional team that provides you with advice on product technical information, product usage, traffic calculation, and implementation. We provide solutions for product related applications and other issues. We also offer color calibration, customized colors, and thickness. And the product dimensions requested by the customer.